You will have been looking at a range of poems from your anthology for your poetry exam. On this page I have included some information about what the exam will want you to do and how to revise. I have also put some Youtube videos and powerpoints for each poem. These go through the main themes and language features in each one.

Section A (Part 1)- Anthology poems (Conflict section)

In this part of the exam you will have 35 minutes to complete the question. You will have a choice of questions to choose from, in each question they will give you a named poem from the anthology to look at. You will then have to choose another poem from the anthology to compare the poem they give you with (you must carefully look at themes that can be associated with both of the poem). The question will always ask you to compare the two poems.

Example: ‘Compare how X is presented in the two poems’

For each poem in the anthology you will need to know about context behind the poem and you will need to discuss language features and why they are being used.

Section 2- Unseen poetry 

In this section you will be given two unseen poems and you will have 45 minutes to look at both poems and to answer a question. In your response you should discuss and compare themes, ideas within the poem, imagery, use of language used and the use of form and structure. It is important that you spend 5-10 minutes reading and analysing the poems before writing your response.

This powerpoint will also talk to you through what the exam papers will want you to do: https://docs.google.com/a/stcm.torbay.sch.uk/presentation/d/1A51JxvftZ2nTpWpKv9NfCWLc2-NaB-zfZ-xwP5QugpI/edit?usp=drive_web

What poems are in the anthology section?

You should be revising these poems for the first part of the exam. Here I have uploaded some powerpoints and Youtube videos about these poems to help you with revision!

  • Belfast Confetti


  • Exposure


  • A Poison Tree
  • Catrin
  • Cousin Kate
  • Extract From ‘The Prelude
  • Half-Caste
  • No Problem


  • Poppies


  • The Charge Of The Light Brigade
  • The Class Game


  • The Destruction of Sennacherib
  • The Man He Killed
  • War Photographer


  • What They Were Like


Unseen poetry