Jekyll and Hyde

You will have all been studying Jekyll and Hyde as part of your English GSCE. You will answer questions on J+H in the English Literature ‘Understanding Prose’ exam paper. This is in the section A part of the paper.

For this paper you will have 1 hour and 45 minutes for section A and B. This means that you have to split your time so you have time to do both sections of the paper. You will also be assessed on your SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar).

For section A you will be given an extract from the novel. You will have to read the extract carefully and answer the questions. These questions will be about the characters, different themes within the novel, the effect of language and the significance of settings. The questions will ask you to refer to the extract and to use examples to support what you are saying.

How to revise?

  • There are some brilliant revision guides out there! One that I would recommend would be the CGP GSCE English test guide. You can get this revision guide online on websites such as Amazon for around £5. You can also purchase these revision books or similar ones in shops such as Waterstones and WHSmiths. The guide goes through the story and chapters, characters, themes and language features.

Image result for CGP Jekyll and Hyde revision guide

  • You need to make detailed revision notes on the characters, chapter summaries and themes (TIP- Spider diagrams).

Image result for spider diagram

  • Practice makes perfect! Try and complete some timed exam practices. This will get you used to the timings and the exam. If you need any practice papers and mark schemes please let me know!


  • Youtube videos are a great way to revise. Below are some videos which might help you with revision. It will be helpful for you to make some notes as you go through the video, these will help you with revision.

Here are some helpful YouTube videos which I have found which may help you to understand the themes, characters, plot and main ideas within the book.



How to analyse an extract? 

What I need to do:

  • Spend 5-10 minutes reading and annotating the extract.
  • Select 4-5 quotations to focus on.
  • Consider what language feature or structural device has been used in each.
  • Make each one of these one paragraph.
  • Structure each paragraph using P.E.E (Point, evidence and evaluation). See if you can also add in SWA (single word analysis) in your paragraphs!
  • spend 20-25 minutes writing (4-5 minutes per paragraph).

Here are two extracts, see if you can analyse both of these extracts. Have a go and see if you can find some language devices and explain what these quotes suggest about the character, scene or place. Then see if you can spot any structural devices and what they might mean/ what effect do they have?