Just a reminder that you can pick up lots of revision material from the school library. We have the revision wall (which can be found on the right wall as the enter the library) which is full of revision packs and worksheets that you can take away with you. If you have any questions about the English exams or revision please come and see me, I will be in the library after school on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday till 4.30pm.

REMEMBER English revision takes place in the library EVERY WEDNESDAY from 3.30 till 4.30pm. This weeks revision session will be on poetry, if you have any poetry related questions please come along.

I also have practice exam papers available so please come and see me in the library.



Miss Butler




Poetry revision

Here is a PowerPoint presentation going through the poems that you will need to revise for your poetry exam. These are the poems that you have studied from your anthology in class. To view the PowerPoint you must be logged onto your Google account.


What do you need to know about each poem?

Use the acronym SMILE.

Your must know how and why the poem is STRUCTURED

The MEANING behind the poem- what is the poem about?

The IMAGES that are created throughout the poem

LANGUAGE features used in the poem

When looking at these things you need to discuss the EFFECT that all of these things have on the reader and why the poet has used certain language features and structured the poem in a certain way.


You need to be discussing these things in your poetry exam. This worksheet might help you with your revision and what you need to know for each poem.

SMILE poetry

Poetry revision plan